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About me

My work explores the world of Love, the world we create for ourselves as children, as love birds, the world of secret languages. I depict mystical places where life is happily upside down and inside out.  As a child, I always loved observing people´s behaviour and mannerisms to discover characteristics unique to each person. For me, everyone had a special something.  My friends enjoyed hearing silly stories about the people I would see or meet – the little man with the giant dog in the park, or the beautiful woman with the big orange hair at the dentist; I could bring them to life, just by reimagining, colourfully, the essence of who they were.  Today, as an adult, I still find myself rather enchanted by people. Now the characters have found themselves being the protagonists of my paintings. They are people I meet in the street, at the supermarket, on the train, I see them in old photos and I imagine a story for them where love, color, magic and humour are almost always present.


Since 2008, I have been working as a freelance artist and illustrator. Previously, I worked as a designer and assistant designer primarily in the field of dance, studying Theatre Design at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London.


I am a lover of languages, speaking English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian and a sprinkling of Catalan.

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